To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the

Berlin Blockade and the Berlin Airlift, the

Airlift Gratitude Foundation – Stiftung Luftbrückendank –

has produced the exhibition “Friends Always”

for the German Ambassador in the USA.

Since June 2008 this exhibition has been shown in many cities

in the US and will visit many more in the coming year.


For more information about the exhibition tour:




For your way through the exhibition please move the cursor

in the upper right half of the pictures for:

or in the upper left half of the pictures for:






1. Exhibition Friends-Always - Intro and Prolog








2. The Blockade Begins - the Allies Take to the Skies






3. The Siege and the Berliners  - Life in Blockaded Berlin





4. Take-Off  - The Airlift Gets Underway








5. A Warm Welcome - American Aid Makes

    Friends of Former Enemies









6. Sacrifice - The Airlift Takes Its Toll






7. The Airlift Wins - A Triumpf of Freedom






8. Epilogue - The Airlift - A Legacy of Friendship



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