Jens Frenzel

Streetdance in front of the Airlift Memorial (Berlin Tempelhof)

Project: Be-troit

The Be-troit delegation traveled from Berlin to Detroit from 11 to 20 September 2016 to give workshops and concerts there. The artists also recorded an entire album and shot a documentary film. Both will be premiered in Berlin in the early summer of 2017. Here are a few photos of the meeting in Detroit:
and a trailer from the film

Project: New Logo for Stiftung Luftbrückendank

All of the artists put a lot of effort and serious thought into the project. We would like to show you not just the “final product,” but how the logos were developed and the different approaches that were taken. We couldn’t choose just one winner, since that would have reduced all of the different works and the group effort to a single design. Thanks again to everyone!
Designs by students from the Jugendkunstschule (youth art school) Lichtenberg
Project presentation and designs by students from the Jugendkunstschule (youth art school) Tempelhof-Schöneberg


Photos and videos of our activities.

Support for Street Dance and Hip-Hop Festival Paris-Berlin

Now in its 6th year, Berlin’s largest and only international dance event is taking another step forward. Two concepts in two days. Six invited dance groups and 86 registered solo dancers from 13 countries and four continents, with an audience of almost 500 enthusiastic spectators. Those are the numbers for this year’s Dance Festival Paris-Berlin, along with Streetdance-Connection’s 300,000 fans on Facebook and almost 30,000 Youtube subscribers to Ghetto Style TV. The organizer, Streetdance-Connection e.V. from Neukölln, still has a strong commitment to social issues and made sure that dozens of disadvantaged young people and their parents were able to get free or reduced-price tickets to this event. This applied to young refugees, too, again this year and was a gesture towards helping to integrate these young people. All of this is owing to the generous and long-standing support of the event’s main backers, 1. the Franco-German Youth Office 2. NEW ERA Caps GmbH and the Berlin Senate Chancellery and its city partnerships. This year the project gained another strong supporter, Stiftung Luftbrückendank. A lot of smaller partnerships were added in 2016, too, like those with the designer hostel Generator Berlin Mitte, the trampoline park Sprungraum, and the sports supplements manufacturer BIG ZONE.