Project funding

Stiftung Luftbrückendank funds a wide variety of youth and cultural projects dealing with the

Airlift and the Berlin Blockade. Preference is given to proposals that involve young people and

young adults from the United States, the United Kingdom, and France.

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Jens Frenzel

New Logo for Stiftung Luftbrückendank

According to Stiftung Luftbrückendank’s statutes, one of the foundation’s core tasks is to keep the memory of the events surrounding the Berlin Airlift alive. These events showed that stereotypes about enemies can be overcome and that working together can make friends and allies out of former enemies. Because this awareness is especially crucial in today’s world, the foundation would like to reach out more to younger generations, too, and make the significance of the Berlin Airlift more accessible to them. If we’re going to reach young people at all, we need to update our image. We’ve already taken the first steps toward modernizing our website and revising our statutes; more will follow. We also wanted to make the foundation’s logo a little more engaging and more positive. In mid-2016, Stiftung Luftbrückendank contacted youth art schools in Berlin and found two that were interested in being part of the “New Logo for Stiftung Luftbrückendank” project. Without preconceptions or a commitment to a particular strategy, young people may be better than some professional graphic artists at designing a logo that is also intended for other young people. The designs created by the youth art schools in Tempelhof-Schöneberg and Lichtenberg are now finished. You can see some of them on our “Gallery” page:
Galerie Galerie


Together with the Checkpoint Charlie Foundation, Stiftung Luftbrückendank is now helping to provide scholarships to children of New York firefighters whose health was permanently impaired by their deployment on 11 September 2001 or during the clean-up at Ground Zero. Under the “CITY OF BERLIN SCHOLARSHIP,” funding will be provided for post-secondary education intended to lead to an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree (B.A.), or a master’s degree (M.A.). In 2016, Stiftung Luftbrückendank funded a scholarship for the first time for Gabrielle McGovern. Her name will appear on the “City of Berlin Scholarship – Buddy-Bear” at the New York City Fire Museum. All of the firefighters’ children receiving scholarships from Stiftung Luftbrückendank will be listed on the “City of Berlin Scholarship – Buddy Bear” plaques with a reference to the foundation: “Sponsor Stiftung Luftbrückendank Berlin.” The plaques held by the “City of Berlin Scholarship – Buddy-Bear” were designed to resemble the Twin Towers. Information on the Checkpoint Charlie Foundation, the scholarship, and the “buddy bear” is inscribed on them, along with the names of all the scholarship recipients so far. The bear was presented to the New York Fire Department on the 15th anniversary of the attacks and now stands in the New York City Fire Museum.