Dance theater project “Berliner Luftbrücke”

Dance that documents the history of the Berlin Airlift. Children, young people, and professional dancers explore the world of modern dance together in this project. Images, dance, language, and music bring this story to life. Choreographer and director, Robert Solomon Dance theater “Placement” On Friday, 12 May 2017, at 3:00 p.m. in the movie theater at Centre Français (City Kino Wedding), Müllerstr. 74, 13349 Berlin (U-Bahn station: Rehberge) If you would like to attend, please register by phone (tel.: 4849 53 53) or by e-mail:
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Stiftung Luftbrückendank is helping to support Be-troit. “Be-troit” is a poetry project that takes the historical background of both cities (Detroit and Berlin) as a starting point for the discovery of similarities and/or differences. “Participating artists worked together to use poetry, spoken word, or rap to explore the Airlift phenomenon in some of their performances. “Be-Troit takes up the variety of trends, styles, and genres in Detroit’s contemporary poetry scene and would like to bring these to Berlin, which has seen the development of a poetry, spoken word, and hip-hop landscape in the last ten to twenty years that is internationally connected and yet remains anchored in its own subculture. The project initiates active poetry encounters between young people who were once incarcerated...” (Olad Aden) The Be-troit delegation traveled from Berlin to Detroit from 11 to 20 September 2016 to give workshops and concerts there. The artists also recorded an entire album and shot a documentary film. Both will be premiered in Berlin in the early summer of 2017. You can see a few photos of the meeting in Detroit on our “Gallery” page: Further information here:

Hip-Hop Festival Project

The second part of the festival, a platform and “network meeting” for very diverse groups united around the hip-hop/street dance scene, was held in Berlin in November 2016 with support from Stiftung Luftbrückendank. A dance group choreographed and filmed a piece called “Mobility and the Airlift.” You can see a video and some photos here: at FACEBOOK:

New Logo for Stiftung Luftbrückendank

The designs created by the youth art schools in Tempelhof-Schöneberg and Lichtenberg are now finished. You can see some of them on our “Gallery” page:
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Candy B. Graveller

28 April 2017, 6:00 p.m., 550 km START: FRANKFURT AIRPORT, AIRLIFT MEMORIAL FINISH: BERLIN, AIRLIFT MEMORIAL The Candy B. Graveller is a bikepacking adventure that starts at the Airlift Memorial in Frankfurt/Main and follows the flight corridor used by the Berlin Airlift past Darmstadt, Aschaffenburg, and Fulda to finish at the Airlift Memorial in Berlin. Participants bring their own supplies. The former corridor was 20 miles wide and served as a basis for mapping out the CBG route, which is about 550 to 600 kilometers long and runs along “off-road cycling trails.” The CBG is named after the famous “candy bombers.”
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